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Employment Opportunities

Why Join Sino Bright School BC?

Sino Bright School is a dynamic, vibrant workplace where staff are highly valued and respected for the gifts and talents they bring to our school community. Staff are given many opportunities for professional learning and career development, and are well supported when undertaking new learning experiences and acquiring new skills.


At SBS you can be part of a great team of professionals who work hard every day to create a world-class school. Working at SBS is a rewarding and enjoyable experience for all because we treat everyone as part of the family.


At SBS you will experience the highest levels of support within our professional learning community. Our guiding principles of trust, empathy, professionalism and fun allow everyone to thrive in their own way as part of the SBS family. Please contact us to learn more about how you can become part of our dynamic team​.

What we Offer

We offer a comfortable working environment with qualified and dedicated teachers, diligent students, modern facilities and a very favorable student to faculty ratio with small class sizes.  In addition to a relaxed yet professional environment, we offer a competitive salary, as well as the opportunity for teach, travel and adventure to China. 


Sino Bright School BC is a well-developed organization with over 10 schools in China, in 8 different cities - including Beijing. Offering Western curriculum and teaching style to Chinese students.  Being part of the Sino Bright School Family, you would have the opportunity to experience a unique taste of China. All airfare, accommodation and health insurance would be covered on top of a competitive salary! 




Employment Opportunities


  1. All Levels: ELL 

  2. Gr. 10-12 Science

  3. Gr. 10-12 Mathematics

  4. Gr. 10-12 English

  5. Gr. 10-12 Humanities (Social Studies, Economics, Career Education) 

  6. Gr. 10-12 PE 

  7. IT teacher and support


If you are a supportive and experienced teacher who enjoys being part of an equally dedicated team, please do not hesitate to contact us .





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