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Academic Enrichment

Academic Enrichment

The Strength of our Academic Enrichment Program

Sino Bright School strives to aid its students to achieve academic excellence in a comfortable environment. We provide our students immediate and easy access to our post-class program without the need to look for private tutors or other institutes. The program is tailored for students to succeed academically and has a more in-depth understanding of their current curriculum.

As students enter grade 12, the program will transfer its focus to university preparation. Students will be aided in exams for university admission including IELTS, Provincials and SAT as well as improve their overall competence to excel at University in the future.

  • Organize reading and writing workshops to develop students’ intellectual abilities for the academic studies.

  • University preparation program to assist students in SAT, IELTS and Provincials

  • In-depth analysis and review of classroom material to help students retain and learn thoroughly

Advanced Placement (AP)

Sino Bright School’s versatile timetable allows students at any grade level to take advantage of the many Advanced Placement (AP) options offered at our school. Over 1000 post-secondary institutions in the USA and Canada regularly grant advanced placement into a second year course or first year credit to students achieving AP examination results of 4 or higher. The AP program is administered by the College Board in Princeton, New Jersey. AP examinations are offered annually in May throughout North America. The examinations are graded from 5, indicating the student is extremely well qualified, to 1, the low point on the scale. Our students write AP exams here on campus and routinely achieve excellent results.

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