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Application Process

At Sino Bright School, students are challenged to ask questions, take risks, get in over their heads, and then creatively find their way out. Each student’s intellectual and emotional growth is supported so that students develop self-knowledge and the confidence to explore their passions. Our school inspires students to develop into confident, empathetic, resourceful thinkers, and they graduate with the ability to make an impact.


Sino Bright School offers a coeducational program consisting grade 10-12. Our admissions department has a rolling admissions policy and accepts applications throughout the year until the school is fully enrolled.

Step 1

Application Process

To become a Sino Bright School student Candidate, the following documents must be submitted to the school office:

  1. A completed Application Form signed by a parent or legal guardian (if the student is under 19).

  2. A copy of either the student’s Passport or Birth Certificate.

  3. Official school transcripts from the previous two academic years in English.

  4. Proof of valid Medical Insurance in B.C

  5. A Custodianship Declaration if the student is under 19 years old.

  6. Non-refundable application fee – $300


Submission Methods

Physical Delivery:
#300, 328 Water Street
Vancouver, BC, Canada, V6B 1B6



Step 2

Admission Assessment

Canadian Applicants:

  1. Interview

Candidates will have a personal interview with our Director of Admissions or an associate lasting 20-30 minutes.

  1. Entrance Test

A 30-minute general aptitude test can be completed here on campus. Alternatively, we will accept the results from an SSAT Test. The Secondary School Admission Test (SSAT) is a multiple-choice aptitude test for students in grade 5-11.

  1. Application Documents

Transcripts from the previous academic years will be used as a general indicator.

International Applicants

  1. The 30-minute aptitude test can be completed at the applicant’s present school. We would require a teacher or counselor (or other suitable professional) to invigilate the test. Alternatively, we will accept the results from the SSAT Test.

  2. We are happy to offer Skype or a telephone call as an interview alternative.

Step 3

Letter of Acceptance

Students who are qualified to attend to Sino Bright School will be sent a Letter of Acceptance.

Step 4

Tuition Fee Payment

Submit the indicated tuition fee in full, and Sino Bright School will issue a receipt.

Step 5

Apply for Student Visa

The tuition receipt will be used to apply for the student visa.

If you experience any problems or need support with our application process please do not hesitate to contact our office directly at 778-379-4999 or email us.

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