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Sino Bright School BC is an independent school for grade 10-12 students, offering a premium educational program to meet the needs of international students. The campus is conveniently located in the city center — the historic Gastown district. With over 10 years of offshore school educational experience overseas, our school specializes and targets the needs of students studying in preparation for university. Providing students an attentive program that ensures a safe, caring and suitable environment to learn in. Our focus and purpose is to help students gain independence and the skills necessary to succeed in the post-secondary world. We are more than welcome to have visitors and would like to invite you to share in the Sino Bright School experience. Please find us on the contact information page.


Sino Bright School aims to inspire students to achieve academic excellence and develop personal confidence in a loving, secure and supportive environment. Through the educational program and personalized guidance provided by us, students are able to acquire the ability to flourish and prosper in both personal and academic aspects. By creating responsible, passionate, and confident students we are able to send well-rounded and independent graduates into the world.


Sino Bright School aspires to be an adaptive, inspirational, forward-looking learning community, cultivating relationships that ignite each student's passion for lifelong learning. We will nurture the intellectual, physical, social and emotional development of each child. We will embrace change, inspire creativity and foster innovation. We will actively promote global understanding and respect within and between cultures. Our community will model integrity and seek opportunities to serve with compassion and conviction.

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